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An agile mindset is synonymous with a growth mindset and is the ability to learn, adapt and respond to change. It enables individuals and businesses to survive and thrive in a complex and challenging marketplace. It teaches people how to think well in order to solve real-world problems in the moment, without having to be reliant on any outdated plans or ways of working. It prioritises individuals and interactions over processes and tools.

An Agile framework is transformative by bringing hope and change to organisations through creating a thoughtful, vibrant and dynamic workplace where people function at their best.

Becoming Agile enables people to take ownership of their work journey and understand how to truly interact collaboratively together in order to achieve their goals. It transforms the values and beliefs of the individual, and therefore the team, enabling them to reach their full potential and productivity.

AgileSwiss champions this process of transformation through offering Agile training for individuals and teams within a company, management, and the public. We also offer coaching and facilitation for businesses that want more personalised attention to be able to engage in the transformative process and see their business productivity reach new heights. 


Leaders and practitioners in any field can develop an Agile mindset and transform the way they think and work. It's not just for the IT department or software developers.

CEO's, Finance Managers, Project Managers, Marketers, HR Managers, and virtually any other role that requires collaboration and teamwork benefits enormously from an Agile Mindset.


Having an Agile mindset across the board enables flexible, dynamic thinking within the whole business, enabling it to adapt to any challenges the marketplace can throw at it.

If you want to become Agile, the place to start is with a training course in

"Business Agility Foundations"

A Foundations certificate gives you the fundamentals to develop an Agile Mindset personally and focuses on how you can "become" agile, in order to "do" Agile across the board in your workplace. 

Discover the paradigm shifts necessary to enable organisational agility 

in today's innovative business climate!




We offer 2-3 day IC Agile certified training courses for individuals and businesses both in-person and online in Switzerland and Europe in English.


Our Agile training courses are fun, interactive and comprehensive.


Our training is powered by SoftEd -

One of the largest IC Agile training providers worldwide. 

Come join a course and

start your Agile journey today! 


We offer comprehensive Agile coaching in person and online for businesses, teams and individuals. Coaching alongside both training and facilitation is going to significantly increase the velocity of your agile journey. 

It is tailored to your business needs and involves walking alongside a team, enabling them to take ownership of their own Agile journey by continuing to build internal capability until they are able to achieve their goals themselves. 

The goal is the self-mastery of the team, where the coach becomes obsolete and the team becomes self-sufficient.

Get your teams working to their full potential - enquire about coaching today!


With extensive experience in remote facilitation, PI and big room planning,

portfolio planning and enabling effective collaboration across multiple teams, we are available to help by providing extra support in any of these areas. 

We also specialise in the selection and implementation/training of various Agile collaboration, ALM and ITSM tools.


Facilitation can be in person or online.


If you need specialised help in any of these areas, sign up for some extra facilitation. 


A little help goes a long way.  



AgileSwiss was founded in order to meet a need in the marketplace for quality Agile Training, Coaching and Facilitation in the Swiss and European Market.

We stand out because of our fun, interactive and dynamic courses, focused coaching style and technically skilled facilitation that truly meets the needs of the ever-changing marketplace today.

AgileSwiss was spearheaded by Andreas van der Gugten who has worked in IT, Logistics, Education, Government and Finance throughout his career in Switzerland, Australia, New Zealand and Australasia. He brings a fresh and dynamic perspective to challenges businesses face, as he not only teaches Agile, but lives an Agile Mindset. 

We look forward to working with you to create a thriving, adaptive workplace where challenges are overcome in a creative, collaborative Agile way. 




We've delivered training, coaching and facilitated workshops for large and medium size enterprises, universities as well as state and federal government across New Zealand, Australia, Singapore and the United States. 

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